Drew And Brittany Brees Have Baby Girl
The Brees family welcomed their first baby girl . Callen, Baylen and Bowen welcomed their baby sister into the world. The Brees clan now numbers six.
Brittany gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl; but there was no name on the birth certificate...
How To Prevent Baby Heat Stroke
Yesterday my wife and I were at Cafe' Du Monde in New Orleans when I saw a couple with a small child in a stroller. The babies cheeks were crimson red and I knew it was too hot. It made me wonder about babies and heat stroke.
Drew and Brittany Brees Expecting 4th Child
When I was younger and living in Virginia Beach, Virginia (military brat) the Fishers lived across the street. The Fisher family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and their seven daughters. Sometimes you have to know when to say when. You know the Fishers last few tries were for a boy. Is Drew Brees …
Baby Moved to Emotional Tears by Mother's Singing Voice
Babies cry for just about anything you can imagine, but what's happening in this video is completely different.  When this mother sings to her baby, the child is moved to tears by the sadness and beauty of the songs -- despite being too young to understand any of the words.

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