CPSO Arrests Sex Offender Near School
John Savoy is a registered sex offender and is not to be within 1,000 feet of a playground, school, ballpark or day care center.
Savoy was arrested on Monday while visiting a house near a school in Starks.
Burglars Caught in the Act
Poor planning can make any project fall apart at the seams. The guy in the picture, Marty D. Ashworth, planned poorly. He got busted right there at the scene of the crime.
Arrested for 3rd DWI
Another Multi-DWI winner is off the roads, for now. On Tuesday, CPSO arrested Kevin T. Price of Sulphur who already had two DWI's on his record.
Here is the official release from Kim Meyers with the CPSO:
Louisiana State Police Warn of Arrest Scam
So you are sitting at home having dinner and the phone rings. The person calling says they are from the Louisiana State Police or another law enforcement agency. They inform you that they have a warrant for your arrest. That's how this scam begins.
Lafayette Man Gets DWI While Dressed as Buddy the Elf
If you're going to get pulled over and charged with a DWI, being dressed as Buddy the Elf certainly doesn't help your case in any way.  That's what happened to one Lafayette man this week.  His name is Brandon Touchet, 34, and it's gonna be tough to live this one d…

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