Apple's TV Series May Premiere in March 2019
Apple has a breathtaking lineup assembled for its journey into TV, but when and how will we actually see the darn things? New estimates place the tech giant’s streaming content in line for an early 2019 premiere, though some shows display less progress than others.
Ever Wondered Who The Voice of iPhone's Siri Is?
It's easy in today's technological world to just assume that when computers talk to us that they have their own voices.  Actually, someone has to sit in a room and record hours and hours of dialogue.  So what about iPhone's Siri, the voice command woman who seems to have a b…
10 Hilarious Siri Conversations
Siri, iPhone's voice-activated personal assistant, has a reputation of being kind of a jerk. Sure she's a tad snarky and sometimes sarcastic, but she's totally misunderstood, guys. In fact, Siri's actually pretty darn funny!

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