Amazing Ping Pong Playing Pup [VIDEO]
Table tennis. Yet another sport I'm no good at. I've played a million times and my table tennis playing, much like my dancing, can best be described as workman-like. Imagine how humbled I am to see that, unlike me, this dog hits the ball every single time...
Two Drive - Thru Rabies Clinics Coming Up
Has your pet been vaccinated? Does it have tags?  If not, here's a real quick, convenient way to get that chore handled. Coming up, Animal Services will have not one, but two drive -thru rabies clinics coming up. You can get your pets vaccinated and, if you wish, have them chipped as well …
Even Cute Animals Can Be Total Jerks
Yes, they're adorable, cuddly and we all want to take them home...until they show their true colors.  Don't be fooled by the cuteness of these critters.  They have a dark side.
18 Pictures of Baby Moose, Just Because
Running into a full-grown moose in real life would be terrifying at worst, disconcerting at best. Running into a tiny baby moose, on the other hand, would be adorable. Who knew? Now you know. Enjoy these pictures of little moose calves.
Russian Fisherman Saves Dog [VIDEO]
So you're a Russian fisherman, going about your daily fishing duties on your big ole Russian fishing boat.  It's really cold out and there are big chunks of ice floating on the water.  You look out over the freezing water and see a dog sitting atop one of these little ice islands…

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