Super Bowl week is upon us and as much as Saints fans don't want to watch or hear about much of anything when it comes to Super Bowl 53 I'm here to give you some fun facts you may not have known heading into Super Sunday. (These facts according to Wallethub)


  • This is the NFL record 11th Super Bowl appearance for the New England Patriots franchise.
  • Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the first ever QB-Coach duo to reach the Super Bowl nine times
  • This is the Los Angeles Rams 4th Super Bowl appearance.
  • The Rams and Pats have met 13 times prior and NE holds an 8-5 edge over LA.
  • This is the third time the Patriots have played in consecutive Super Bowls (2004 +2005. 2017+2018. 2018+2019)


  • The Philadelphia Eagles received $112K as a bonus for winning the big game last season.
  • However, on that $112K they had to pay $41K in taxes... Bummer.
  • The Patriots received $56K for being the first loser of the NFL season.


  • This is the third time the Super Bowl will take place in Hot-Lanta (1994, 2000)
  • The cost of hosting the Super Bowl is $46+ million, wow!
  • The economic impact the game being played in Atlanta is estimated at about $400 million.
  • It'll take about ten thousand volunteers to handle 10 days of Super Bowl festivities.
  • On average, tourists visiting for Super Bowl 53 will spend $305 per day
  • Over a million people are expected to attend various Super Bowl activities in the ATL area.
  • Atlanta is estimated to have fewer out-of-state visitors (100K) than the previous two Super Bowls (Minneapolis 125K and Houston 140K)
  • Average hotel fee per night is up 200% from what it usually is at $270.


  • Average price: $7,166
  • Lowest price: $3,300
  • The highest price ever paid for a ticket: $27,983


  • On average, 17 people attend a Super Bowl party.
  • 24% of Americans will plan on attending a Super Bowl party
  • About 1.38 billion chicken wings will be consumed.
  • 10 million pounds of ribs
  • More than 14.5K chips will be eaten
  • More than eight million pounds of guac will be eaten
  • 67% more pizza is eaten on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year on average.
  • More than 51.7 million cases of beer sold.
  • 90% more beer is downed on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year.
  • One of ten people will skip out on work the Monday after the Super Bowl.


  • The cost of purchasing a thirty-second ad is $5.24 million
  • 23% of Super Bowl watchers say that the commercials are the best part.
  • 80% of commercials played during the Super Bowl do not change consumer opinions about brands in the ads.
  • Anheuser-Busch has spent $389.3 million on advertisements since 2006.


  • This is the first time Maroon 5 will be the headline on Super Sunday.
  • An estimated 5.8K journalist will cover the game.
  • 20% more unique views will be on Twitter during the game.
  • Gronk has the most Twitter followers of any player at 2.96 million.


  • About $158 million will be wagered in some fashion on Super Bowl 53
  • People like to make the game interesting as 31% of adults will be placing a wager on the game.
  • 92% of adults who have wagered on the game in the past have actually lost money.
  • There are eight states in which you can legally bet on the Super Bowl (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Rhode Island, Mississippi, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia).


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