Wow. Was it really 42 years ago that '70s daredevil Evel Knievel made that famous attempt to jump the Snake River canyon? The year was 1974, and Knievel was the showman/ stunt man of the hour. There were action figures in every store, as well as Evel Knievel lunchboxes, thermoses and bedspreads. The man was everywhere.

Knievel's attempt to jump the canyon fell short of its mark and Knievel actually landed in the canyon, but his legion of fans remained loyal because at least he had the nerve to actually try it.

Flash forward those 42 years, and it looks like there might be a contender for Knievel's crown as the greatest stunt man of all time, and that is Eddie Braun. This past Saturday, Braun, using the same type of rockets used by Knievel, successfully made the jump and safely parachuted down on the other side of then canyon.