Like every other entertainment site on the internet, we've done our fair share of reporting about the various rumored plot details and characters of 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' Naturally, all of these have been behind big spoiler warnings and we've always been careful to let readers make the decision to be spoiled or not. And that brings us to the most recent story detail to hit the internet ... and it's a big one. So big, that we're not even going to write about it. Instead, we're going to issue a warning.

It's one thing to report on potential character names, locations and first act plot details. It's another thing altogether to write about the biggest moment of 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' a climactic scene that will presumably set the course for the rest of the sequel trilogy. It's a massive reveal and one that will surely elicit an extremely passionate response from longtime 'Star Wars' fans. It's our job to dig into 'Star Wars' news so we can share it with our readers and even if we regret reading it. If we feel bad about knowing this, we can't even begin to imagine how crummy director J.J. Abrams and the folks at Lucasfilm must feel now that his film's biggest secret is out there.

While there's always a chance this plot point was planted by someone in the production to mislead fans and entertainment outlets (remember when Abrams and co. refused to admit that Khan was in 'Star Trek Into Darkness'?) enough reputable sources have verified its authenticity that we're just going to tread carefully. If you want to know the spoiler, it's easy to find. However, consider this a public service announcement from your friends at ScreenCrush: serious, major spoilers are out there, so be careful!

Anyway, we'll talk about more this in tomorrow's WookieeLeaks, our column dedicated to 'Star Wars' news of all stripes. Oh, and if you already know the reveal, don't be That Guy who spoils it for other people. No one likes That Guy.

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