Britney Spears may be the pride of Kentwood, Louisiana but lately she's been posting some alarming videos on her Instagram page.

We all remember the epic train wreck that was Britney Spears in the mid-2000s, and that happened a few years before Instagram was even a thing. However, if IG would've been around then, I believe Britney would've been posting videos like the ones she's dropping frequently these days.

I don't want to speculate anything about her mental state, number one because I'm not a medical professional and number two I don't know anything about her personal life behind the cameras,  but I will tell you this, the content I see her making on Instagram has me very worried about her well being.

At the time of writing this article, Britney posted the below video 18 hours ago and it has over six million views. It appears she's been on a four day bender and she doesn't even make sense.  Also one thing I noticed, as well as a bunch of her fans, is the white wristband on her left wrist.  What is it hiding?  Is it even meant to conceal something or is it just as uncomfortably random as this video is?

People in the comment section are highly concerned about her well being, and I think they have great cause to be.

IG user Mrsfitnessfanatic commented:

I think someone is making her think she’s acting - like she’s so drugged up on bipolar meds that she isn’t at all aware they are making her do this. I don’t believe she is doing this on her own, but I do believe she thinks she is doing what people want to see bc she is being told that.

Conormackrill commented:

god i worry so much about what’s going on behind the camera

Spears has also been uploading a ton of dancing videos. She looks very unkempt and not all there.

Some fans are even going as far as bringing in a conspiracy theory that this isn't even Britney in the videos, but a body double. They're citing a gap in the middle of her two front teeth. And I have to be honest, I went to Getty Images and looked at a ton of pictures of Britney, and I don't see a gap in her teeth like the Britney I see in the IG videos. In the picture below, you can clearly see: no gap.

Britney Spears Hosts LAX Las Vegas Grand Opening
Getty Images

She's currently in a legal battle with her dad. In 2008, courts deemed Spears not able to make decisions on her own behalf and made her dad the conservator of her estate. In August of this year, she asked the court to have him removed from having control of her money.

Maybe the stress of the legal grind is getting to her, I don't know. But I will say this, I hope the friends and family in her life who truly have her best interests at heart are able to get to her and help her.

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