People who live in parts of the country that frequently get snow are always disdainful of the way everything shuts down around here when it snows. I remember working with a  bunch of guys from Nebraska who just went off on how dumb people are down here because businesses and schools close just because of a little snow.

These guys were shocked that nobody had snow tires. I tried to explain to them that snow tires were not real practical in the south, but they stubbornly clung to the belief that we didn't have snow tires because we were dumb southerners. They didn't even getting it when I explained that, if we did have snow tires, we would use them once every 5 years if that often. They also missed the fact that, putting snow tires on your car in the morning and taking them off in the afternoon, just didn't make sense.

As far as I know those guys are back in Nebraska where they belong. In the meantime, we had snow and, since we don't have snow tires or plows we shut things down when it snows. I like our system much better.

Here are some area offices that will be closed today because were dumb southerners.


Here are the latest snow closures in Southwest Louisiana

  • Lake Charles City Hall - including all non-essential administrative offices and services. Garbage and trash pickup suspended. City Transit services temporarily suspended.
  • All City Services
  • Calcasieu Clerk of Court
  • Calcasieu Parish courthouse
  • Calcasieu Public Libraries
  • First Federal bank in
  • Lake Charles City Court
  • Lake Charles City Hall
  • Lake Charles Civic Ballet
  • 14th Judicial District Court
  • 36th Judicial District Court in Beauregard
  • Southwest Louisiana Credit Union in Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Westlake will open at Noon
  • Sulphur City Court
  • State offices closed in Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jeff Davis, Vernon parishes
  • Lake Charles Transit Services temporarily suspended.
  • Westlake City Hall

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