LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The words and wisdom of Skip Bertman still continue to resonate well after his coaching career ended at Louisiana State University. The larger-than-life figure put LSU baseball in Baton Rouge on the map.

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As a child of the 1990's, I watched Coach Bertman's LSU Tigers dominate college baseball, winning 5 College World Series titles from 1991 - 2000. In addition to the National Championships, Bertman led LSU to 7 SEC Championships. He was also awarded SEC Coach of the Year 7 times, Collegiate Baseball Coach of the Year 5 times, and Baseball America Coach of the Year 2 times. Bertman coached at LSU from 1984-2001 and amassed a coaching record of 870–330–3 before becoming LSU's athletics director in January of 2001.

At the beginning of the 2023 Men's College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, Bertman was honored as a NCAA-CWS of Omaha, Inc. "All Star" with a permanent plaque will commemorate his contributions.

When LSU beat Kentucky in the Super Regionals to make it back to Omaha, Bertman shared a great moment with World Series hero Tommy White.

How did Bertman coach his way to the top of the college baseball world and then sustain that success?

That was one of many questions asked by "The Voice of Louisiana" Moon Griffon as Bertman was driving into Grand Coteau a few months ago for a book signing of the latest book to tell his story "Everything Matters in Baseball: The Skip Bertman Story," written by Glenn Guilbeau, an award-winning sports journalist who covered LSU baseball during Bertman's time there.

It was a great conversation between Griffon and Bertman as the legendary coach shared stories and spoke about the importance of being a good husband, father, and human being while maintaining greatness at the highest level.

Bertman also gave his thoughts on the importance of practice and weighed in on former LSU/current Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban. Griffon also asked Bertman a question that many of us often wondered about Bertman, "Did Major League Baseball try to lure you away?"

When the man speaks, everyone listens.

Have you ever heard of the "Nickel Demonstration?"

In this fantastic video, Coach Bertman shared his thoughts on how a team functions best when every player buys-in. He used the coins to illustrate his words, which apply so well not only in the sports world but in business and many other aspects that require the use of multiple people who are striving to reach certain goals together.

Will LSU win another national title during the same season its legendary coach's status was cemented in Men's College World Series history? We will see if the current Tigers can get the job done against the Florida Gators.

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