So, yesterday, just on a whim, I put a question up on my FaceBook page and the question went like this:

You're at a hotel. The kind that has free breakfast in the lobby. Is it okay to go downstairs and eat wearing your PJs? Discuss.

Well, needless to say, a lot of people have some very strong opinions about such things. For the most part, people were pretty much against the notion of sujecting other people to what we may call pajamas. I mean, if you go back to another era, folks like Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man) wore very classy looking pajamas and robes and, if people still dressed like that for bed, I guess pajamas would be okay, but what passes for pajamas today would hardly have passed muster 10 years ago. Here's what some of you said:

Anne Chamberlain:  It depends on how cute your PJs are.


Scott See: No. Wearing them in Walmart is enough.


Kathy Fahnestock Nelson: Not if you're over the age of 6!!


Glenda Worley: I don't want to see the person next to me at breakfast in pjs I'm sure they don't want to see me in pjs


Sheryl Corbello Law: The catch here is some people have no sense they would come down in their underwear or negligee nope I voted no

Still, there were folks who didn't really see any problem with it:

Sean Farina: You paid for it. Wear anything that won't get you arrested.


Janis Whitten: · I would rather see PJs than swim suits in a restaurant, which I have seen all over the world, even in countries where women are expected to cover.


Darlene Champagne Savoie: I vote yes...I do it...wear a long lounging gown and go on down..


Heather Dawn: There's no such thing as overdressed but there is such a thing as missing the free hotel breakfast.

Of course, my friend Tony Dupuis had to take it a step further:

Tony DuPuis: I always do that in my undies... Just to start the morning with something special...

All in all, I'd say that about 70% of you responded "No" to the question of PJs at the free breakfast buffet, but I have a feeling that society is going to win the day and we'll see more and more bad PJs at the buffet. I say you should wear an ascot and a smoking jacket. That should give it a classy touch while you eat a cold danish.


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