I have to admit that the folks at Contraband Days have worked hard to overcome it's negative image of just a few short years ago. In a fairly short amount of time, the event has gone from the "white trash" festival to being very family friendly. Congrats to the folks behind the event on a quick turnaround.

I went twice this year and had a great time. If you missed the fireworks this year, you really missed a treat, It just may have been the best fireworks display I've ever seen. If there was any trouble, I sure didn't hear about it.

There's still the issue of the name. Now, personally, I could care less what they call it and, frankly, the whole mess about Jean Lafitte is just too much. After all, you can dig up dirt about anyone who was ever famous. I defy you to find one single historical figure who didn't have some skeletons in his or her closet.

But, it's your opinion we want. Should Contraband Says change it's name?

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