Cyber Monday is a great day for shopping and saving money on-line. It is also a day that identity thieves look forward to because many people make it easy to hack into their accounts. There's going to be a ton of money changing hands and cyber crooks consider that a field  day.

The folks who are in charge of such things at IBM came up with some excellent safety tips if you plan to shop on-line on Cyber Monday or any other day. If you're a regular cyber shopper, you may know these rules already, but there are people shopping on line this year that are not familiar with all the tricks of the hackers and it just be that one of these rules could saves your bank account from hackers.

1. Don't save your information in any shopping website. Granted that, if you want to shop that sight again, you'll have to set it up, but it's a small price to pay for safety. Sometimes perfectly legitimate sites get compromised and that breech may not be discovered for months.

2.  Be careful about emails that include coupon codes or links to deals. If you get an offer, especially if you are new to the site making the offer, copy down the product code from the email they send you, but don't open the big special offer in your email. Go to the site itself and paste in the code.

3. Don't use your work email and password for shopping. If you get hacked the hackers could potentially not only get into your personal information, but they could also hack your company.

4.This is a relatively new safety tip. Experts are expecting so see fake package tracking emails this season. Like most fake sites, the minute you click on the link, you've been hacked. Make sure the tracking information isn't linked to something harmful.

Have fun shopping on line this season. Just keep in mind these few safety rules and you should be okay.

If you'd like to learn more about safe shopping on-line, here is the expanded article on PR Newswire