This sounds like something my friends and I would have done when we were kids had we had access to guns and a super slo-mo camera. In case you don't know, most kids love to watch stuff blow up or go up in flames and I don't think we enjoy it one bit less as we become adults.

Look at all the shows that are on TV that feature people blowing things up or destroying expensive items like cars. My gosh, those guys on Myth Busters have made a fortune off doing just that every week for several years now. I still want to be one of those guys when I grow up.

Well, this video from Vickers Tactical features guys shooting a variety of things in super slow motion and, for the most part, the results are pretty darned amazing. There are a few items they shoot, a ham for example, that are just plain gross and look like something that would burst out of someone's chest in a horror movie.

Twice in the video, they shoot a banana, but the second time, the banana is lying on it's side and the effect is great. It's like the darn thing is just being unzipped from bottom to top. You catch that at about 1:25.

Be a kid again and enjoy watching stuff get shot in slo-mo.