Shaq had an important message for his own kids.

The NBA legend considers Louisiana home and Shaquille O'Neal knows what it takes to succeed on the court and off the court.

The big man recently told his kids, "We aren't rich, I'm rich." His message to his own kids was loud and clear, nothing is going to be given to you, get out there and earn it.

As you may expect, many on social media applauded Shaq for saying what he said to his kids and now many are sharing his message. to others.

Shaq is known for his generosity and we have seen firsthand what he has done for some while out in public, but his message to his kids---go out there and get it.

Like so many others on social media, I too applaud Shaq for humbling his kids. Now, in his kid's defense, we don't know what or if they ever asked for any of Shaq's fortunes, but we now know where he stands when it comes to simple handouts to his kids.

We should probably also note here that Shaq has probably never let his kids go without, but somewhere along the way they probably had to work for what they were given.

For example, I was once at an event with Shaq and he was trying to get a kid to dance and once the kid danced with him, he offered her $100. The message even then, you have to perform and "work" for compensation, even if it is for fun. Nice stuff, Shaq!  

Here are MORE people on social media reacting to this quote from Shaquille O'Neal. And I can't disagree with any of them.

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