You know what the hardest thing about choosing your seven favorite songs is?  Limiting it to just seven!  Seriously, I went through about 38 drafts of this before I could settle on these songs.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do...





  • "Son of a Preacher Man"

    Dusty Springfield

    How can you not love this song?  Dusty Springfield was just amazing...she made it all seem effortless, like anyone could pick up a mic and sound as great a she did.

  • "Lady Madonna"

    The Beatles

    As a kid in the 1970's, I listened to lots of  Beatles albums -- "Rubber Soul, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club," "Hey Jude" -- on my parents' reel-to-reel player.  The player (black with faux wood-grain) and speakers sat on an entertainment center made from cinder blocks and 1 x 12's.  This was always a tempting structure and begged to be climbed.  I can't remember if it was one of my attempts to climb up the cinderblocks or my free-style dancing that spun dangerously close to the player, but let's just say that there was an incident that led to a "No Dancing Close to the Reel-to-Reel" rule.

  • "Coal Miner's Daughter"

    Loretta Lynn

    Every time this movie airs on any random TV channel, I have to watch it...even though I own the DVD.  I can't help it.  I have to sing along with my own impersonation of Sissy Spacek's impersonation of Loretta Lynn.  I'm quite proud of this 'talent,' and have made "Coal Miner's Daughter" my fall-back karaoke song.  Generally, I'm not a fan of karaoke, but if forced, I will sing...this song.  We had a station Christmas party about 5 or 6 years ago and I got pushed up to the karaoke stage.  Shocked would have been the best description of my co-wokers as I belted out this song while wearing a black business suit!

  • Nice Work if You Can Get It

    Geroge Gershwin, Ira Gershwin

    I fell in love with this song when I performed it at U.T. El Paso in the musical, Crazy for You.  Fast forward a lot of years and I'm getting married.  Randy and I decided to use this as our "First Dance" song.  Unfortunately, the band never got the memo.  So even though we danced to "The Way You Look Tonight," we still consider "Nice Work if You Can Get It" as our first dance.

  • Sing

    The Carpenters

    When I was 5 years old we lived in this great neighborhood. I knew all of my neighbors and would play in their yards as often as in mine.  The best thing of all was that I lived across the street from the "big girls."  They were beautiful and glamorous and they got to go to High School! Sometimes they would let me sit in their room with them and listen to their (pink) record player.  The Carpenters were always on the playlist.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice

    This was another album we had on that ill-fated reel-to-reel.  I'm guessing I listened to it A LOT as a child.  Fast forward to 1994 and I'm working for a theatre company in San Bernardino, CA.  We're going to stage a production of "Superstar," so I get a copy of the soundtrack to familiarize myself with it.  I pop the tape into my Nissan Sentra and the music starts...and I start singing along.  Strangely enough, although I hadn't heard the music in almost 20 years, I still knew every word.

  • Christmas Canon

    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    Christmas really is my favorite time of year.  Actually, I'm one of those Christmas-All-the-Time type of people.  I buy Christmas gifts throughout the year, try out holiday recipes, make Christmas crafts & projects, secretly wear Christmas socks and keep a CD of this song in my car.

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