I have been task to list seven artist that I can not live without. I will take that to mean seven artist who's music I can not live without because some of my favorites only live through their music.

  • 1

    Led Zeppelin

    I discovered Led Zeppelin at the age of twelve at a cousins house. I put on the headsets and put the needle on "Houses of the Holy." I was instantly hooked!

  • 2

    The Allman Brothers

    My brothers and I were hanging out with a kid we had just met. He ask if we wanted to go to his house and listen to some music. I thought he said "Osmond Brothers" and I was thinking "this is going to be lame." Then he put on this southern flavored rock and I felt like I was home. He had said "Allman Brothers."

  • 3

    Neil Young

    In the middle of my hectic, hard rocking , teen age years I found something a little more down to earth in Neil Young. His haunting voice and simple melodies had me singing along and playing his songs over and over.

  • 5

    The Beatles

    I first started listening to the radio and playing DJ around 1968. The Beatles owned radio then! I have owned more of their music than any other group.

  • 6

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Country boys that rock ... what's not to love? We rode down many country roads playing Lynyrd Skynyrd eight track tapes.

  • 4

    The Eagles

    In 1974 there was a huge concert in California called "California Jam." They broke it into four segments and played one segment each weekend. One of the groups performing was "The Eagles." Their rock/folk/country sound suited this southern boy just fine. My first album of theirs was "On The Border." I wore the grooves off of it.

  • 7

    Dire Straits

    It was the middle of the Disco era. Everything released was a dance record. It was hitting 70's Rockers pretty hard. I remember when one of our jocks came running in the control room and said "you guys have to hear this!" He put "Sultans of Swing" on the turn table. It blew us away. Dire Straits is an English band that sounded like they were from the deep south. It was the best of both worlds and dominated my music listening for many years.