Fifty years ago, Lake Charles was a very different place. Our city was 100 years old and James Sudduth was mayor. A lot of people will remember those years and, perhaps, you even attended the centennial celebration back in 1967.

Well, here we are 50 years down the road and the time has come to open that time capsule and examine just what is in there. Now, it's not a complete mystery like some time capsules. We have an idea of what is in the capsule and it all seems pretty interesting.

What can we expected to find when that capsule is unearthed?

From the official Press Release:

Centennial edition of the Lake Charles American Press, McNeese State College Log roster of the Newcomer's Club, Centennial Program book, Centennial Parade picture story, Centennial coins and souvenirs, prayer book from Temple Sinai, complete sound recording of Centennial events and a tape recorded message to the Governor in 2017 from Gov. John McKeithen. There's also tape recorded messages from Mayor James Sudduth, Police Chief J.E. Pete Stout, State Representatives Mike Hogan, A.J. (Tubby) Lyons and Harry Hollins, State Senator Jesse Knowles and a few others.

The unearthing of that time capsule is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Friday) at 5:30 pm at. Come out and share in our city's rich history as we celebrate Lake Charles' Sesquicentennial.

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