The iconic Cowboys nightclub has been closed for over a year after hurricane Laura caused severe damage to the popular venue. Since the hurricane, the folks at Cowboys have been working hard getting the club fix and reopened and now it has happened.

Cowboys nightclub in Lake Charles is now reopened and has an all-new look inside and we got your first glimpse of the major changes and let us say, it looks terrific.

The club is located at 5329 Common Street in Lake Charles right next to Walk-ons and has gone through a dramatic change and it looks nothing like the old club.

They are currently open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.  Friday nights are billed as Oldies But Goodies night which says to us that night is for the old Yesterdays nightclub crowd.

Want to see inside the newly renovated club? We have your exclusive first look here.

Let's take a little tour. Below is the new dancefloor.  Remember the old dance floor? You had to step down to get on it.  Not anymore.


Next is the entrance which is pictured below. When you used to walk into the club you had to take a left or right and walk down a hallway to pay to get in. Not anymore. Once you walk through the front doors, you walk straight into the club with a whole new look.

Next is the VIP stage area pictured below.  This is where you can rent this space for the night and have an exclusive party with you and your friends and be right next to the DJ booth and request all your favorite songs while getting the VIP treatment from the club.

Like to play pool? Cowboys now features a whole new gaming area complete with brand new pool tables and a large seating area for you and your friends.  But wait, there is more coming below.

How about playing some state-of-the-art video games.  That's right, below you will see that the new Cowboys features a bunch of arcade games with a spacious area to still hang out with your friends.

Like air hockey or shuffleboard? Well then in this area of the club you can play either one which is pictured below.

The bars in the newly renovated Cowboys Nightclub in Lake Charles look spectacular. They are roomy and very accessible to get to when you are wanting that drink you have been craving after a hard week of work. Notice gone are the mirrors behind the bar and rustic wood and brick look replaces it.

Finally, you will also find some sit-down arcade games inside the club and a bunch of tables and chairs to just sit down, relax, have a drink, and enjoy listening to some great music while spending time with your friends.

So make your plans soon to go check out the new Cowboys Night Club in Lake Charles and see how much it has changed.

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