Former Saints head coach Sean Payton has a simple answer to get New Orleans Saints running backs Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram to hold on to the rock.

Coach Payton and Mark Ingram appeared together on an episode of Up & Adams—a sports show that features a rotating roster of current and former players who discuss the biggest storylines in the NFL.

I must warn you—watching this video will make you miss the absolute heck out of Sean Payton as he reminds us why we fell in love with him in the first place.

Even though the team now belongs to Saints head coach Dennis Allen, I would be lying if I told you I didn't think we lost some discipline and fundamentals with the "retirement" of Sean Payton.

From the senseless penalties to the overall lack of fundamentals that have plagued the Saints in the first five weeks of the NFL regular season, New Orleans has beaten themselves worse than any of their opponents and there's no sugarcoating it—we've looked like a bad, undisciplined football team.

During their appearance on Up & Adams, Coach Payton looked into the camera and pointed at Mark Ingram. He told Ingram to "hold on to the rock"—likely referring to Ingram's crucial fumble in Week 2 vs. the Bucs.

The Saints were driving against Tampa Bay and looking toward the end zone for the go-ahead score. After Ingram's fumble, the game wasn't the same, and the Saints ended up falling 20-10 to Tampa Bay.

Sean Payton made sure to tell Ingram to pass his message along to Kamara—who has also coughed up some costly fumbles, including one that the Carolina Panthers scooped and scored on in a game that the Saints should have easily won.

When asked how he would get Ingram and Kamara to hold onto the rock, Sean Payton revealed he would only have to give them "the look."

Saints fans definitely know the "look" that Coach Payton is referring to, and it was hilarious to see Ingram give his best Payton impression.

Fans had a good time with the clip, especially the random anything-goes actions that viewers have come to expect anytime Coach Payton is on television. @carmiev pointed out how Coach just casually ripped the tag off of the pillow in the middle of his joyful banter with Adams and Ingram.

And Saints fans knew exactly "the look" that Sean Payton was talking about.

Former New Orleans Saints WR Lance Moore confirmed that this was definitely "the one."

While Saints fans would love to see "the look" back on the Saints' sideline, Sean Payton has all but confirmed that he will coach again and it won't be in New Orleans—especially after hearing his joking (not joking) comments to Mickey Loomis when it comes to Taysom Hill's big contract.

While we don't know where Sean may end up if he does decide to coach again, he did reveal what he would be looking for in his next gig while simultaneously giving high praise to the Saints' front office.

It's also safe to say that Sean Payton is well aware that he is the #1 prospect when it comes to any teams on the hunt for a coach in the NFL.

For what it's worth, Mark Ingram has already let Coach Payton know that heading to Carolina to coach the Panthers would be "unacceptable."

Also, Coach Payton may have just dropped a spoiler when it comes to the #WhoDat chant for the Saints' Monday Night Football game vs. the Ravens in early November at the Caesar's Superdome.

Honestly, the entire interview was amazing and I can tell you that I had a smile on my face the entire time I was watching.

If you're a true Saints fan, I know you will too.

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