Sasol expansion could pump millions into the economy and add 36 new jobs!


Sasol is announcing a feasibility study to build the first US gas to liquid facility. The project would be the first plant in the US to produce gas to liquids transportation fuel products.

Sasol's managing director, Ernst Oberholster, says he thinks the technology can help unlock the potential of Louisiana's clean and abundant natural gas resources. And contribute to an affordable, reliable and high quality fuel supply for the US. He says gas to liquids GTL's fuels can advance energy independence in a way that is cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Last December the governor and Sasol announced the "world's first tetramerizathion unit" in Lake Charles.

Then, the company and governor said it would result in a $175 million capital investment with 36 new direct jobs at an average salary of $62,000 and the retention of 350 existing jobs.

No word yet whether today's announcement relates to the December announcement, a project  which officials said would begin construction in 2011.

No official word yet, on groundbreaking but we'll keep you up to date on this project.

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