It's Veteran's Day, and we all need to take a moment to thank all those great men and women who took time out of their lives to serve our country, Many of those men and women could have just gone on about their lives, but they made a decision to serve our country and sacrifice what could have been their personal time.

Our own David Morgan served in Viet Nam and was lucky to come home. He brought with him a Purple Heart. My dad was in the Army and served in England when London was getting bombed on a regular basis. He was injured in one of those bombing raids and dealt with back pain for the rest of his life.

One of my heroes was my Uncle Clay, who was captured by the Germans on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge and served several months in a German POW camp called Stalag 17, Mulburg. He lived mostly on soup made from potato peelings and kept an amazing diary of his experiences while being a POW.

Let's all take just a moment today to recognize all out vets. Whether they served in war or peace, they deserve our respect. It only takes a pittance of time. Have a tissue ready for this video.

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