Emotions were running high for fans of the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

First; it was the first game of the season, at home, on Monday Night Football.

Second; it was the first game for the Saints since the awful no-call on what should have been called pass interference at the end of regulation in last year's NFC Championship Game against the Los Angeles.

And finally, it was just a great game on Monday night, as the Saints captured an exciting 30-28 win over the Houston Texas, as Wil Lutz kicked a career-long 58-yard field goal as time expired.

So yeah; if you are a Saints fan, and had a pulse, you were probably pretty amped up during the game.

This guy sure was.

Check out how fired up he got, and the love he showed for Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who guided the Saints down the field in the final minute to set up Lutz' game-winning field goal.

Don't you just love the guy?!?!?

Did/do you get this excited?

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