The NFL decided a few years ago to start the NFL network. They basically made the network available to the highest bidder and satellite TV was the winner. The only way to get the NFL network was with Satellite TV. Now the NFL network is available on cable (for an extra charge.) That means this Thursday's Saints game on the NFL Network will not be available to anyone still watching TV using an antenna for signal reception or a basic cable subscriber.

Roasted Falcon
Whitney Bank via youtube

This situation is not likely to change soon. The NFL just entered into a new multi-year deal with Dish Network.

For now the only way to see Thursdays game in your home is with Dish or pay the extra money for the NFL network on your cable (no free NFL Games for you!) I am sure bars and sports themed restaurants love this arrangement. You could go watch the game at any one of the many sports themed establishments. They would love to have you there and they probably love the current NFL arrangement. My problem is that after I eat my wings and drink my beer I feel guilty taking up a table when I am not ordering anything else.

Anyone have the NFL Network and want to invite a disc jockey over to watch the game?

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