I was lucky enough to have season tickets to see the Saints 09 Super Bowl season. It was safety Malcom Jenkins rookie year and he was hungry. He did not start until later in the season and showed a lot of promise but never rose to Pro Bowl starter status. .He has now signed with the Eagles and has been replace by a three time Pro Bowler.

Jairus Byrd
getty images/ Rick Stewart

Jairus Byrd made the Pro Bowl with the Buffalo Bills in 2013, 2012 and 2009.His 2013 interception total was 4 and that is only one shy of Malcom Jenkins career number in this stat (even though Byrd only played in 11 games last year due to a foot injury.) The Saints signed the perennial Pro Bowler yesterday to a six year contract. There are not many who could argue against this serious upgrade to the Saints defensive secondary.

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