New Orleans Saints Longsnapper Zach Wood was none-too-happy about being rated the lowest player in this years game.

Madden NFL 20 has finally hit shelves. Plenty of people purchase the series year after year, trying to go for glory and win themselves a digital Super Bowl.

Here's the thing, though. Madden will never get every single details right. There will always be those that find hilarious glitches, or real life players not being happy with their rating.

Zach Wood had quite the response to his player rating being the lowest in the game.

Just in case you weren't quite able to make out what happened, that's Zach Wood firing off a long snap and knocking a copy of the new Madden game out of the hands of fellow longsnapper Nick Moore's hand. And on the first try, no less!

If there's any kind of face-saving to go on for the makers of Madden, they do have a hefty job. They have to get the likeness of the players correct. They have to rate every single player in the league. That's quite a lot already, and there's a whole lot more that goes into making the game. But you gotta love a response like this!

Here's what he had to say about the making of the video from ESPN:

The pressure was on. I’m not used to being on camera,” Wood said Saturday. “I was worried. … If I miss this thing five or six times in a row, they’re gonna be like, ‘You deserved that 36 Madden rating.'

And it seems the video may have done him some good in the gaming world!

A Madden representative emailed the Saints to let them know that Wood’s rating would get a boost. Wood acknowledged being surprised by the low rating, considering how successful the Saints’ kicking operation has been the past two years with the elite punter-kicker combo of Thomas Morstead and Wil Lutz.

“I was like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on? Am I not doing a good job?'” Wood said. “But I think we work really well together, and having Tom and Wil there to help make me right has helped me look a little bit better, too.”

Great response, Zach!

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