So how much courage do you have? Are you brave enough to participate in the first "Running of The Bulls" in New Orleans? Move over Pamplona, Spain ... New Orleans is going to show you how we do it Cajun style.


It is all part of a four day celebration in The Big Easy. It's called "San Fermin in Nueva Orleans." It's all free and open to the public.  "8:00 a.m. is when we start, but you can come out as early as 6:30 and start getting your liquid courage on," says event co-founder Mickey Hanning. There will be as many as 400 bulls chasing participants ... but a completely different kind of bull.

According to the 'bulls' are actually young ladies from the flat-track roller derby league...most of them from the Big Easy Rollergirls, but also from roller derby leagues across the country and one from Guam. It should be a site to see as the girls will have horns on their helmets and will be goring participants with wiffle ball bats.

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