I spend a lot of time driving. My daily commute is 50 minutes and most of that is spent on I-10. That means I spend almost two hours a day driving. It seems that common courtesy while driving has disappeared. I'll give you some examples.

When you are driving in the outside lane of the interstate and see someone entering the interstate it is common courtesy to move over into the inside lane and let them merge. Then it should be common courtesy for the merging car driver to let you back into the outside lane; but that is not what I have encountered. I move over and let them onto the interstate then they speed up and drive right beside me. That forces me to either speed up or slow down to move out of the inside lane and that is just rude! I did just help them out after all.

Another thing that happens all of the time is that someone passes me and then slows down to take the very next exit. Passing me only moved them ahead ten feet or a couple of seconds and they had to speed and sometimes drive recklessly to accomplish the pass. It would have been much safer to slow down a couple of miles an hour and just get in behind me then exit. Instead they force me to slow down when they exit. That is just rude and dumb!

Then there is the person who obviously has no cruise control or refuses to use it! I will be using my cruise control and driving at a steady speed. I will pass them only to have them fly around me later. Then I end up passing them again after they slow down drastically. I had this happen five times with the same car on a 30 mile drive just last week. Sometimes you just wonder where the other driver got their license!

It also irritates me when I am passing with my cruise control on and the person I am passing speeds up just enough so I can't pass them without accelerating (and speeding.) This always happens when there is someone behind me also waiting to pass. Then I can't slow down and get behind the person I am attempting to pass. I can either break the speed limit and pass or upset everyone behind me when it is not even my fault! This is so rude!

This happened to me a few minutes ago. I was driving on a five lane street and got in the middle lane to make a left hand turn. Someone coming from the other direction got mad at me because they wanted to get in the same lane to turn left at an intersection 200 yards behind me! People the middle lane is only to turn from .... not to drive down the road in. This driver also flipped me off! Only a coward flips someone off while driving!

A lot of these instances are the result of the other driver being on the phone. Some are the result of the other driver being in their own world. Some are the result of the other driver just not caring and some because the other driver is just a bad driver. Well I feel better now. What rude behavior from other drivers irritates you?


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