Friday, I wrote a short piece on setting one's bio clock by going camping and this weekend I had a chance to put that theory to test in a very nice way. I got together with three friends of mine and embarked on a camping trip to Sam Houston Jones Park. I'm afraid I use the word "camp" rather freely here since we had a cabin that sleeps five. Hardly the same kind of camping I did when I was in Boy Scouts, but the purpose of this camp-out was not to rough it.

The minute we arrived, wild life came out to greet us in the form of 3 feral cats. Now these cats don't like like your typical scrawny alley cats we see in town. Nope. These kitties are fat and sassy. They are also very shy. It was hard to even get close enough to take a picture before they slinked off into the bushes and disappeared from view.

It seems that the only person they are not afraid is this man by the name of "Pat" who feeds them every morning. Mr. pat is a man of few words, but he told me that he started feeding those feral cats about 3 years ago when He worked inside the camp. He's been feeding them ever since. As soon as those cats hear Mr. Pat's car, they come running up to greet him. Here's the only picture I could get.




Here's another picture. this is me gathering firewood




Let me highly recommended a weekend at Sam Houston Jones. It's getting away without having to drive three or four hours. The cabins are great, but the best part is that it's just a nice quiet getaway only 15 minutes from the heart of town.  When you get there and all checked in, it may as well be a three day drive into the wilderness.

If you really want to rest your body clock on a camping trip, it's quite easy. The cabains come equipped with everything you need to camp. The cabins are pretty much completely furnished. The cabin even has cable TV and WiFi. Forget all that and have a campfire. That's all you need. Just a plain campfire.


My suggestion is that you get comfortable and stare at your campfire for hours on end. Trust me, you'll never be the same. When Is the last time you just stared at a fire? Give it a try. If you've never camped at Sam Houston, you're missing a great weekend. It's a great way to disconnect just 15 minutes from home.




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