Leah Catherine Thompson is no stranger to singing. The Rosepine High School grad has been singing most of her life. At the beginning of the year, Thompson and friends, Billy Glaze and Scott Wisby, got together to write a song about the uncertainty of what growing up is like. What will life be like after high school and then beyond?

The song originally had nothing to do with the pandemic that robbed many seniors of their last months of school, basketball games, dances, and parties. Now, the graduates not only have to figure out life after high school, but also life during a crazy pandemic.

The song is called Sure Fire. Thompson told KALB in an interview that her and her co-writers wanted to release the song on graduation day. The song's title, Thompson says, is to inspire you, as if you are guaranteed things will work out.

It's two words that mean certain to succeed

With Rosepine High School's graduation scheduled for this past Monday, Thompson stuck to her plan of releasing on the day planned. In less than a day, the song was viewed over 24,000 times on Facebook. Now, the song is on YouTube, as well. Thompson starts the music video off talking to the listener about the song, and how the song ties into the world we are currently living in. She talks about how, although graduating seniors are going through a rough time, there are front-line workers going through even worse times during the pandemic.

Enjoy Sure Fire by Leah Thompson.

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