The Rolling Stones‘ official YouTube page has unlocked four new videos from a 1981 show the band filmed for Pay-per-view at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. It’s the same show from which they recently released their second archival downloadable live album, a look a the rock band in their prime, and a highlight reel of at least one of the more talked about moments in Stones’ history.

“I’m not sure how many people were able to actually watch it on Pay-per-view because Pay-per-view is (was?) notoriously impossible to get,” Mick Jagger says in a separate video at the band’s archive site. The sound and energy from the show are captured almost flawlessly, and the video is as clean as you could ask for. One can’t help but chuckle at the styles of the day, including Jagger’s tight football pants and Charlie Watts’ bowl cut.

Performances of ‘Black Limousine,’ ‘Little T&A,’ ‘She’s So Cold’ and ‘Satisfaction’ are included in the recently released video vault. During ‘Satisfaction,’ Keith Richards takes a swing at a fan he feels is heading for Mick Jagger. So he uses the only weapon he has.

“That Telecaster is a really handy swanker,” Richards says. “I just took it off and saw that he was definitely going for Mick and nobody else was gonna get in the way so I just swung it and caught him right there (in the neck).” The guy was OK, but more importantly “the damn thing stayed in tune, and this is the greatest advert for Fender.” That scene is at the 1:15 point in the fourth video.

Watch The Rolling Stones Perform ‘Black Limousine’ at the Hampton Coliseum



Watch The Rolling Stones Perform ‘Little T&A’ at the Hampton Coliseum



Watch The Rolling Stones Perform ‘She’s So Cold’ at the Hampton Coliseum



Watch The Rolling Stones Perform ‘Satisfaction’ at the Hampton Coliseum