While he might be currently looking in the rear view mirror, celebrating the legacy of Pink Floyd’s classic ‘The Wall’ album, the experience has put Roger Waters in the planning mode for a new solo album, which would be his first proper solo release since 1990’s ‘Amused to Death.’

Waters recently spent four hours on the air with Jim Ladd, his former ‘Radio K.A.O.S’ counterpart, at Sirius XM for a lengthy interview that aired on the ‘Deep Tracks’ channel, promoting the re-launch of the Pink Floyd-branded channel on the satellite music provider.

During the conversation, Waters revealed that a follow-up to ‘Amused to Death’ isn’t so far away in his mind. “I’ve got a strong feeling that I have a new album literally about to pop out. I’ve written a song while I was on the road, which I think will provide me with the impetus, emotionally and philosophically and politically to create a new album.”

As previously rumored, there are indeed plans to capture the current ‘The Wall’ tour for a DVD release. Responding to a question from a listener, Waters said “we’ve been filming almost everything as we go along, remorselessly. We filmed for a week when we did shows in Athens and we were filming all over South America, so yeah, there will definitely be a DVD of this whole experience coming up in the near future.”

He says that the meaning of ‘The Wall’ has changed in the years since the album was first released. “I was somewhat under the misapprehension that ‘The Wall’ was a story about me and my dad and the second World War. Slowly over the years, and particularly, working up to putting together this show, this new version of it, and touring again. I came to realize that it may have been back then, but that it has a much more universal story. It’s about all of us, it’s about all loss in war and it’s about everybody’s connection with their family.”

“We’ve made something that seems to appeal pretty universally wherever we go in the world and I’m super-happy about that. That makes me really, really content.”

The ‘Wall’ tour will finish with a big bang – Waters recently announced plans to make the final show one that will feature a wall that is two times the size of the one that has been featured on the current tour.

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