Yes, it's true. Spider-Man has passed away. Spidey, as he was known to friends and family, was born in 1962 at an orphanage, but went on to great adventures despite being a teenager when he was born.

Authorities say Spider-Man was the victim of foul play.


Peter Parker Killed In Spidey Comic Series
The 50-year run of “Amazing Spider-Man” comic-book series ended with the death of character Peter Parker at the hands of his nemesis Doctor Octopus. Peter was a New York high-school student who became the crime-fighting superhero Spider-Man after he was bitten by a radioactive spider. His adventures concluded in Wednesday’s “Amazing Spider-Man” No. 700 when he lost a battle with Doctor Octopus, who switches brains with Peter then kills his former body with Peter’s mind trapped inside. The issue ends on a hopeful note, however, as Peter passes on his memories to Doc Ock, inspiring the villain to continue the webslinger’s good work. “The Amazing Spider-Man” will be followed by a new darker comic-book series called “Superior Spider-Man.”

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