Step Right Up!: Behind the Scenes of the Circus Big Top, 1890-1965

Moms, dads, kids of all ages. Relive the heyday of the days when giant circuses would come to town with amazing acrobats, clowns and animals of all descriptions would come to town and hold audiences in rapt attention for a few hours.

We've all become far too sophisticated for such entertainment and the glory days of the circus are long past. There are exceptions, of course, like Cirque de Soleil, which has elevated the show of circus to a whole new level.

Back in the day, a circuses  would arrive in a town with much show and a grand parade of circus wagons that would tease the crowd with treats to come later under the Big Top. Back then one didn't see elephants and camels quite so often. They were rare and wondrous creatures.

Back in the early days of the circus, it was considered almost an art form.The acrobats seemed much more glamorous and daring back in the day. The humor of the clowns wasn't considered too broad and silly like it is today.

Now through March 14, you can get an idea of what a grand circus was really like.

From the Official Press Release:

In an era spanning the early 20th century, through depression ridden times, a dust bowl, and the Red Scare, one form of revelry thrived - the circus. The Big Top was a thrilling spectacle that burst into towns along the American road and railways. Traveling from coast to coast, rail cars packed with canvas, exotic animal menageries, strongmen, fat ladies, and roustabouts brought a much needed relief to millions of Americans. Explore a history fraught with intrigue and majesty and g run away with the circus.

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