You better not try to break the rules at Disneyland, even if you're a movie star like Rebel Wilson.

The Pitch Perfect star recently opened up about why she was once banned from the Happiest Place on Earth.

"I did get banned from Disneyland for 30 days because I took a photo in a secret bathroom ... which is illegal at Disneyland," Wilson shared during her Feb. 28 appearance on The Daily Show.

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Thankfully, the ban wasn't permanent.

"I got officially banned for 30 days. But they called me up and said, 'Rebel, what 30 days did you not want to come to Disneyland because you’re away filming a movie or something?' And I said, 'Oh, June would be fine,'" she continued.

Wilson also spilled some tea about the supposed "gangs of adults" who visit Disneyland.

"They have cool names like the White Rabbits or Children of Thanos [or] Coco Locos ... Sometimes they wear matching vests and they walk around and do gang stuff inside Disneyland," Wilson shared.

The actress said that one gang initiation used to involve stealing the apple from the Snow White ride.

"The apple kept getting stolen so many times that they had to make it a hologram," she explained.

Disneyland clearly means a lot to the actress.

Wilson joked she isn't "obsessed with Disneyland" even though she goes "there every weekend and every important holiday and every important life event." She also got to stay overnight in Disneyland for her 40th birthday.

Plus, in February, Wilson proposed to her girlfriend, Ramona Agruma, in the iconic theme park.

The couple went public with their relationship in June 2022.

They welcomed a 3-month-old daughter named Royce in November.

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