It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Baseball season has begun, the NBA and the NHL are getting to their playoffs, and off-season conditioning begins for the NFL today. Talk about overlap. I haven’t even mentioned soccer!

I’ve noticed that the networks that televise baseball, Fox and ESPN, have changed their graphics and they look smaller than last season, especially ESPN’s. Was watching last night’s game and it takes a while to find the stuff like the count and how many outs. Had to get up to see the stuff they had under each team’s graphic. Turned out to be the pitcher’s name and the batter’s name. Speaking of last night’s game, there were a couple of times that the announcers (and I don’t know why they think three people are needed) weren’t even paying attention to the game but discussing various parts of Alex Rodriguez’s career. In fact, a couple of mistakes were made, like saying that Bryce Harper had not made an out, when in fact he was tagged out at third base. Then later that inning when the Nationals scored, A-Rod chimed in and said “another case where a lead-off walk scores” was wrong because the lead-off walk was the aforementioned Bryce Harper who was tagged out. Could be a long season. Might turn down the volume!

Not sure what’s going to happen with all the inconsiderate motorists on the road these days. Two days in a row now I’ve seen what looks like the same vehicle on Lake Street approaching Sallier in the right lane cutting in from of the driver in the proper lane as they cross Sallier. This morning, as I rounded the big curve under I-10, a slick little BMW sports car with a Pennsylvania plate blew through his yield sign. He had no intention of yielding. I could’ve run him off the road but I’m not messing up my car! Bullies!

And for those of us who think we depend on our “phones” too much, there is now a line of laundry appliances (washers and dryers) that allow you to start and stop the laundry process remotely. Wait, you have to put the clothes in the washer, can’t you just push the start button on the washer before you leave the room? Apparently you can also receive notifications when your laundry is done, and you can download new cycles to your washer!

It’s too bad we can’t use all this technology to be more civil to each other!
Here’s hoping we see some sun today!

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