If you like your weather cold, you’re loving it today. 41 degrees with a brisk north wind. We’re in the process of turning on the heat here. It’s a process because someone has to be upstairs near the units because of the dust that burns off the heat strips. It’ll set off the fire alarm and the fire department shows up. I did that one Saturday morning when we first moved into this building. Was a real treat.

Ever wonder why there has to be a college football playoff ranking show? I mean, the season is not over yet and quite frankly, who cares? Think it’s just another excuse to have the talking heads bloviate for 30 minutes (or is it an hour?) every week. The promo for the show is full of clichés, none of which I can remember right now. Sad isn’t it?

Not sure I’m ready for college basketball season but it’s here.

Some excitement in the ‘hood last night. Eating supper when I heard what I thought was a car door closing in our driveway and discovered it was actually the fire department at the house behind us. Wasn’t going to go outside until I heard a chainsaw. I just I stood on the sidewalk but couldn’t really see much in the dark. Nobody was hurt apparently, since I saw the resident outside talking with the fire department guy who drives the pickup truck. Then the power company showed up and cut the power I guess, since this morning I saw one of walls was charred on the outside and the door was left open, too. Don’t know that I would have left the door open but I have never had a fire in my house either and maybe they told the resident to do that.

There was a caption in the paper this morning next to the picture of Stan Lee. It read “Stan Lee, 79…….passed away at age 95”. I’ll leave you with that.

Enjoy the day.

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