Well, we’re at the juncture where all the sports are going on at the same time. It’s the last week of MLB’s regular season, the NFL and college football are underway, the NHL starts next week, and the NBA’s preseason is either about to start or is underway with the regular season starting on October 16.

My Detroit Tigers pretty much sucked wind this year under new manager Ron Gardenhire (guess they’re rebuilding, too), but how about those Lions beating New England last night !? Watched a lot of that game and the Patriots didn’t look that hot at all. Too bad the Lions probably won’t look that good the rest of the year. How’s that for positive thinking? Growing up in Detroit you get used to mediocre sports teams. We’ve had our moments though, with everybody but the Lions winning championships occasionally.

The Texas Rangers fired their manager last week. I don’t understand why they just didn’t wait until the end of the season which is Sunday. There were like 10 games left when he got sacked.

I always enjoy listening to the guys in the office talking sports on Monday. We watch football and stuff but we don’t follow as closely as they follow. The guys were talking about their experience at the Sulphur-Moss Bluff football game Friday night. Mikey O was incensed that they don’t have the Bronco Burger anymore, Bruce and Patrick were talking about how uncomfortably humid the press box was and after Patrick mentioned that he was pretty much soaked in sweat, Bruce referred to him as a Yankee because Eunice is further north than we are. Pretty amusing!

Enjoyed riding in the Westlake Homecoming Parade on Friday. It rained a couple of times before it even started but everyone seemed to take it in stride. Been quite a while since I’ve ridden in a parade.

Waiting on that first fall cold front. How about you?

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