Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor have revealed that they tried recording a new song with current singer Adam Lambert, but they ultimately opted to keep the track unreleased.

“We did record a song which we haven't actually finished,” Taylor admitted to Classic Rock magazine. “I can't remember what it's called. I think we were still discussing what we should call it.”

“It was a song that we'd tried to adapt that had come from a friend,” May further explained. “It had the makings of being a great song, but we couldn't crack it. We couldn't get there.”

Recording sessions for the ultimately unfinished track reportedly took place in Nashville during Queen + Adam Lambert’s U.S. tour, presumably in 2019.

Though this particular track didn’t work out, it seems Queen haven’t closed the door on creating new material with the singer.

“It would be nice to do some stuff,” Taylor confessed. “I wouldn’t rule it out. Adam has said, ‘Any time you want me to sing on something … .’ If the other two decide ‘Let’s do something,' I'd be there.”

This isn’t the first time the band pondered the idea of recording with Lambert. In 2016, Taylor revealed he’d be open to creating new music with the singer, providing the situation felt right. “If we do anything in the future, I’d like it to be something new,” the drummer explained. “I don’t know how new it would sound, but I think if Brian could come up with a song or two which we felt sort of fitted.”

Still, three years later Lambert himself seemed to throw cold water on the idea. “People always ask if we want to record together,” the onetime American Idol runner-up admitted. “I’m not sure it makes total sense because it wouldn’t really be Queen, because to me Queen is Freddie [Mercury]."

The band was recently forced to postpone its 2021 U.K. and European tour dates due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Those performances will now take place in 2022.


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