School will be back in session in Lake Charles on Wednesday, August 13th, and we ask that you observe and respect all school zones.

From the Lake Charles Police Department, Lake Charles Fire Department, and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, "Observe all school zone speed limits, school crossings, and laws that apply to school uses. Most importantly, watch for the kids." 

The posted school zone speed limit is 25 mph between the hours of 7 a.m., and 9 a.m., and 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on days when school is in session. 

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Drivers are required by Louisiana state law to:

  • Yield the right of way, by slowing down or stopping for pedestrians crossing a roadway at a crosswalk. 
  • When a school bus is loading or unloading children, you must stop at least 30 feet from either direction.
  • Observe the ‘No Right On Red’ signs located in school zone intersections. 

You do not have to stop when a bus is in a loading zone which is completely away from the roadway. 

You do not have to stop when the bus is on a separate roadway, such as a roadway divided by a median.