Wow. It's amazing how much Prien Lake Mall has changed over the years, I guess if you left here in the 80s and just came back, you wouldn't recognize the place.

There were a ton of different stores at the mall back then and I remember them pretrty darn well. for example; I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers when there was a lounge in the mall. I think it was called "The Premises."

I worked at the mall when I was in school and I have a lot of fond memories. I was the assistant manager of a men's clothing store called Chess King. It was a men's store, but a lot of beautiful ladies used to shop there. I wasn't upset by that situation at all. Later I worked at Musicland until I was transferred to Beaumont to open the Musicland in Parkdale Mall.

It seems the folks at Prien Lake Mall were digging about and turned up a bunch of old pictures of the place. According to the mall manager, these pictures come from around the early to mid 80s and they really are a flashback. Check out some of these shots and see which one's bring back some memories.


Here is a shot of the clothing store known as The Ranch. Despite the name, they didn't sell just western clothes and such. I worked there briefly when the mall was pretty new. The Ranch was located around the area where Claire's is now.


Well, this shot is clearly from around Christmas. Check out K&B drugstore.


The White House was a pretty cool place to shop. That location is now the entrance to the theater.


Here's a great shot of Morrow's Nut House. Cool place where people loved to get all kinds of nuts. I loved their Pistachios. This is where the Coffee Beanery is now. Notice the Walden Books store in this shot as well. I spent a fortune there.

















Last, but not least, here's Musicland. It was THE place to get all the latest hits. I had a great time working there back in the day.

The folks at the mall tell me they are trying to find more of these pictures. When they do, we'll put them up.


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