Look up the word "gullible" and you'll probably see pictures of people who work at this Burger King. It seems that the employees of the BK in the video were convinced that they had to break all of the windows in the store by a prank caller claiming to be from the gas company.

According to sources, the caller told the folks at BK that there was a gas leak and pressure was building up inside the store. The caller told them that the only way to remove the pressure of the escaping gas was to break all the windows before the place blew up.

Now, my first thought would be to open the doors to the place, but I'm going to assume that panic set in and logic went out the window (pun only slightly intended). However, the BK workers followed the prankster's instructions and shattered every window in the place.

Luckily, a passing motorist caught the shattering moment on his cell phone so that we could catch all the action.

The video asks more questions than it answers, though. I mean, where is this Burger King, and were the workers fired? What would you do in a situation like this? I can't say for sure how I would have reacted beyond just opening the doors to the place, but, just to be safe, I'm keeping a hammer ready around the house.