Lake Charles is home to handmade ice cream. Nick Villaume started the company "Pops and Rockets" five years ago in Lake Charles. Since its inception, the real SWLA "Ice Cream Man" has been all over the area selling some amazing gourmet ice cream and popsicles. You might remember during the winter when I went absolutely bonkers over his hot chocolate!

pops to boombox 2

Pops and Rockets, sadly, is no more. Villaume is changing the name, but assures us that is the ONLY thing changing. Introducing Boombox Frozen Pops & Ice Cream. Along with the name change, Boombox also mentioned expanding over into Baton Rouge PLUS the possibility of more stores in SWLA. Oh, and they even have a fancy new trailer to bring the ice cream party to YOU.

pops to boombox 3

No news yet on the opening of the Baton Rouge locations, but their Facebook page did mention a "re-grand opening" with their new name at their first location here in Lake Charles.

If you have not "popped" over to Pops and Rockets/Boombox and tasted their amazing ice cream, ROCKET on by and see them at 104 West Pujo St in Lake Charles.

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