We still can't get over this.

TMZ is reporting that police can now speculate on the death of Bob Saget after they reported on their findings in his hotel room.

While it may take weeks for a toxicology report to come out, authorities think they know what may be Saget's cause of death.

According to the report, Saget was found in his hotel room after he failed to check out and when authorities entered his room the American icon was found laying face-up in his bed .

He reportedly had one hand over his chest, while the other was to his side. This type of positioning may suggest that the comedian died of an apparent heart attack.

Prior to his death, Saget revealed that he recently had COVID and one side effect from the virus is blood clots.

Could a blood clot have caused  Bob Saget to suffer a heart attack while in his hotel room? Perhaps we will find out in the weeks ahead.

Police do not suspect a drug overdose or foul play in Saget's death, due to lack of evidence in the Orlando hotel room where he was staying and found.

We will continue to follow this developing story.


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