When Genesis announced their long-awaited reunion tour, they used the somewhat tongue-in-cheek title “The Last Domino?” — leaving their future plans intentionally vague. But if Phil Collins' latest comments are any indication, the trek will likely serve as a curtain call.

“This English and American tour, that will be enough for me,” the frontman said in the November issue of Mojo, as reported by Prog. Asked if he’s officially taking out the punctuation from the tour’s name, he noted, “Yes. The question mark was [keyboardist] Tony Banks’ idea.”

Banks, however, was less firm in that finality. “I think it depends a little bit how it goes,” Banks said. “How Phil stands up to it all. How the audience receive it, and how we all feel about it, really.”

Collins’ ongoing health struggles will prevent him from playing drums on the prog band’s first run in 14 years, commencing Sept. 20 in Birmingham, England. (Their North American leg opens Nov. 15 with the first of two shows in Chicago.) But Genesis navigated around the percussion problem, recruiting the singer’s son, Nic, as the sole drummer.

“I’m kind of physically challenged a bit, which is very frustrating because I’d love to be playing up there with my son,” Collins recently told BBC Breakfast. His health issues date back to Genesis’ 2007 reunion tour, when dislocated vertebrae in his neck led to nerve damage in his hands.

Collins noted that he can’t currently play at all. “I would love to,” he said, “but, you know, I mean, I can barely hold a stick with this hand, so there are certain physical things that get in the way.”

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