The Zion Williamson saga continues. This season has been a roller coaster since media day and has not slowed down since. Zion Williamson was supposed to be healthy by now but due to setback after setback, we are in the position we are in today.

The Pelicans have reported that Zion will continue his rehabilitation away from the team. This will allow him to solely focus on getting better and "back" on the court. Zion also gave his first statement since media day.

I do like his statement and his doubling down on him wanting to be in New Orleans and back on the court. Even if he wants to leave he knows he has to put in work on the court because right now it looks like he cant get healthy. I think this has been a valuable lesson for Zion on how he must take care of his body now. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for the young Pelican.

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