Queen Elizabeth II has been the monarch of Britain for almost as long as Paul McCartney and Elton John have been alive. A key moment in the Beatles history was the Royal Command Performance after the foursome conquered the worlds pop charts.

Back then, Paul was still basically a kid from Liverpool. When he returns to the palace, he will do so as a living legend, nearly a billionaire and as Sir Paul McCartney. He'll have some good company with him , too.

In addition to McCartney and Elton John, Annie Lennox, formerly of the Eurythmics, and Tom Jones are also slated to appear as the Queen and royal family celebrate 60 years on the English throne.

Another member of rock royalty, Sir Cliff Richard will perform as well. Sir Cliff only had 9 hits on the American charts, but in Great Britain he has had over 80 hits.

The line up was chosen, in part, by the monarch's Grandsons, Harry and William.  No breakdown on who actually did the selecting.

Obviously, for the most part this will be an invitation only gig , however, there will be tickets available via a lottery.

If you can't get an invite, the June 4th concert will be televised live on the BBC. ABC will air the concert in America the following day.