I'm just sorry there is no real video of this. I don't condone violence, but don't you know when two women with so much soul get mad, they really get mad!

The story is true.


Legendary singer Patti Labelle arrested and charged with assault and battery after attacking Aretha Franklin.

The story is that back during the 'Women of Soul' concert at the White House, the tow exchanged 'words.' Well, obviously all was not over and forgotten when to the singers were on the same bill the other night in Atlanta.

Patti Labelle says she extended her hand to Aretha, but Aretha dissed her by avoiding the handshake. Patti proceeded to take of her wig and earrings which is the international symbol for 'cat fight.'

Labelle made contact with Lady Soul with a right hook causing Franklin to hit the canvas with a rather ungraceful bump. Bystanders stepped in to keep it from turning into a full blown brawl and escorted Patti Labelle outside. But wait...there's more.

Labelle was quickly apprehended by the Atlanta Police Department and charged with assault and battery. She was released on a $10,000 bail and will appear in court on April 16th.


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