Parents often try to teach their children lessons as they grow up. However, one mom caused quite a stir online after she detailed her plan to trick her child on Christmas.

On parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that her 9-year-old asked for an iPad for Christmas. When she told them they couldn't afford one, the child quipped that Santa would get it for them, as the child still believes "in Father Christmas."

After the children's comment, the mom hatched a plan to teach her kid a lesson about staying "humble."

The mom explained her plan: On Christmas morning, she would pretend that Santa hadn't "brought the iPad" after all, even though her 6- and 7-year-old would receive their "big" Santa presents — a Barbie Dreamhouse and a Nintendo Switch, respectively.

Later in the evening, the mom would magically "find" the wrapped iPad hidden behind the tree and then give it to her 9-year-old.

When she asked Mumsnet whether her plan was "mean" or "fine," many users simply commented that the mother was indeed being "mean."

"Mean. I think give him the iPad Christmas morning! Especially as siblings have Barbie dream house and switch. It may well be his last year believing," one person commented.

"This may be the last Christmas they believe. You also have two younger ones... why would you ruin the magic?" another asked.

"How could you even be bothered with that? It won’t teach them anything at all. Certainly nothing useful," someone else weighed in.

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