Valentines Day falls at an awkward time of the year - football season is over and baseball is barely beginning so there's nothing really to watch on television.. by the way Astros pitchers and catchers report today, so I love that.

But Valentines Day is all about lovey-dovey couples and it's almost embarrassing for some singles who have no steady or regular partner, spouse or so-called friend that comes with certain benefits to spend the day or evening with. It can be  Awkward for the unattached to see the sonnets and hear the social media testimonials of true undying love and devotion.  Weaker-willed singles may even get a little depressed over the whole day.

On this day single people simply go to work and retreat hastily home for the evening to have a sandwich and chips in their pajamas while watching anything but Lifetime on TV.

Valentines Day Observed in Eastern Siberia
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But what if there was a new tradition just for singles on Valentines Day?  I'm glad you asked, here's my brilliant idea:

How about a new tradition modeled after Halloween trick or treating but re-purposed for Valentine’s Day? Single people will aggregate at designated safe, well lit parking lots, with the trunk of the car open with chocolate candy and maybe even a few flowers… other singles will circulate through the area and get a hug and piece of candy and maybe a flower from the persons with the trunk open.  Now you've got socializing, chocolate, roses and a hug or two from perfect strangers without alcohol and poor decisions involved.

Yes… maybe it is a stupid idea, but it may be fun too.

But until baseball starts earlier or football goes a little longer, what else is there for the unattached to do to-day?

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